Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services



Rat extermination is very important. An infestation of rats can result in considerable damage such as gnawing through packaged goods and structures or even electrical wiring. Contamination of food and the spread of disease by rodents should be of considerable concern to everyone. You will commonly read about businesses being closed down by an Environmental Health Officer when evidence of pests are found. Some diseases are potentially fatal such as Weil’s disease and salmonellosis (food poisoning). The black rat, via its fleas, was responsible for the plague. You may call us for a free Quote (0161-883-2954).

What we at Home Services Junction offer:

  • Identifying external areas surrounding your premises or home likely to attract rats
  • Where rats are likely to live inside your home
  • Preventative rat control measures if sewer pipes have been breached
  • What foods and conditions are likely to encourage domestic rat problem
  • Essential rat prevention measures

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Mice urinate and defaecate constantly, contaminating work surfaces or even food left out in the kitchen. An infestation of mice is quite easy to see because a house mouse typically excretes 80 droppings a day and these rodent droppings are scattered all over, including your work surfaces.

Diseases associated with mice include Murine Typhus, Trichinosis and Salmonellosis (Food poisoning) and therefore pest control for mice is very important.

The responsible application of rodenticide is carried out to remove the problem from your home. Killing mice is not always necessary if this is not a satisfactory solution for you. Where desired a humane mouse trap can be used to help treat the problem. We are also able to provide a range of mouse deterrents and repellents. If you have become aware of a rodent problem but are unable to locate the source of the infestation or nest then please call us(0161-883-2954).


The nest of the Grey squirrel is called a drey, it is made from twigs, and dry leaves and grass, in roof spaces insulation is often used.

Squirrels are diurnal, active from before sunrise to after sunset, and females are pregnant for around one month and produce a litter of three to four kittens.

Squirrels front teeth, incisors, constantly grow and thus require filing, this is achieved via gnawing, unfortunately they do not discriminate upon the material that they chew.

This can cause problems if they are living in a roof space where wires (fire hazard) or the structure can be damaged.

Grey squirrels are considered vermin and are therefore not allowed to be released elsewhere. It is also considered to be cruel to relocate them as they will be attacked by territorial squirrels living in that area.

In many areas council pest control will not cover squirrel problems and so using a private professional company is recommended. To discuss your specific problems involving squirrels or any other type of pest control please call us(0161-883-2954).

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Crawling Pests


DIY Products, such as ant killer gel, may deal with small garden ant problems. However, larger or multiple infestations of Pharaoh’s, Ghost or Fire ants will require professional ant control to ensure it will not reoccur.

To the untrained eye, tropical ants all look very similar. It is very important to identify the correct species, due to the ant control treatments involved.

Treatments are targeted to your specific ant species in order to solve the problem quickly, whilst ensuring the safety of your family and pets. Call us for a free Quote(0161-883-2954).

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are often associated with traveling to warmer climates and then transferring them back to the UK. Due to central heating and close human habitation the bugs thrive here.

Approximately 200 eggs can be laid in hidden areas, usually around beds. These develop into nymphs; they increase in size via 5 separate moults following each blood feed.

Bedbug control treatments will not be successful unless the technician understands the biology and behavior of this insect. Time, thoroughness, knowledge, the correct product and application and help from the client is essential to control this hardy pest.

Bed bugs have to be treated differently from other bugs such as cockroaches. For example, sticky traps won’t work. There could be thousands of bed bugs in one room without any being caught on a sticky trap.

Bed bugs make blood feeds but do so in a way that you do not feel the bite. Therefore they can be difficult to detect. Adults may deposit eggs on a mattress but then move off, making them harder to control. They have no wings so they are dependent on people to carry them from one place to another, often on things they move around. For example, suit cases can take them from one hotel room to another. They can even be found in and carried on antique furniture. For bed bug control, you may call us for a free Quote(0161-883-2954).

We at Home Services Junction will:

  • Look for signs of any bed bugs activity currently at the premises
  • Give advice on the best course of treatment
  • Provide recommendations to help you maintain a bed bug-free environment
  • Point out risk factors contributing to a bed bug problem

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The German Cockroaches are brown cockroaches and the most common cockroaches in as they prefer warm and humid conditions such as commercial kitchens and breed much faster than the other cockroaches. Temperature is a key factor in determining whether cockroaches will infest a particular area. They prefer 24 – 33 degrees C.

Female German Cockroaches deprived of food and water experience difficulty in forming viable egg cases. This demonstrates the importance of good cleaning and sanitation in professional cockroach management programmes.

Cockroach control for German cockroaches is primarily now carried out by the use of safe insecticidal cockroach gel The Oriental Cockroach is known as the common cockroach because historically it was the most common cockroach in shops, hospitals and houses. This black cockroach can survive in much cooler and drier conditions such as basements. For this reason oriental cockroaches are probably still the most widespread British cockroach. Call now to get rid of cockroaches(0161-883-2954).


The flea body is hard, polished, and covered with many hairs and short spines directed backward, which also assist its movements on the host. The tough body is able to withstand great pressure, likely an adaptation to survive attempts to eliminate them by mashing or scratching. Even hard squeezing between the fingers is normally insufficient to kill a flea. However, rolling them back and forth a dozen times disables their legs, resulting in death.

The cat flea causes the most problems British home owners and if there is not an animal around or there are a lot of fleas they resort to biting humans, usually around the ankles and legs. Once fleas have established themselves within a home, animals will need to be carefully treated as well as the home itself by a flea control technician. Off the shelf aerosol products are not normally effective. Our trained flea control staff will be able to give you further advice over the phone as to how we can help you, whether you will require one visit or two, our charges and how you can also help yourself. Call us for a free Quote(0161-883-2954).

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We can also advise on preventative measures regarding your home and garden, pet bedding etc.


Wasps / Bees

Each Wasp / Bees Nest is a series of horizontal combs completely surrounded by a paper envelope with concentric markings. Initially, the solitary queen has to forage for food, construct the brood cells and when the wasp nest is about the size of a ping pong ball she lays her eggs, feeds the developing larvae and defends the nest. When the first offspring emerge as adults they assume all tasks except egg laying. These sterile females are called workers and are noticeably smaller than the queen. The queen devotes the remainder of her life to just laying eggs and does not leave the nest again. It is imperative that if you see any signs of a wasp control problem that you act quickly to eradicate this before it becomes a major problem.

A large amount of the work we do to eradicate wasp problems takes place in August and September when workers have completed building their nest and seek out sweet foods. However, many problems can be prevented proactively by identifying nest premises in May, June or July before the nests are completed and can hold up to 10,000 wasps. During this period wasps are likely to be less aggressive towards you. Call us now for a free quote(0161-883-2954).

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Insects evolve and become resistant to traditional pest control methods. This is why The Home Services Junction use heat treatment which guarantees up to 100% eradication of insects in all life stages.Insects evolve and become resistant to traditional pest control methods. This is why The Home Services Junction use heat treatment which guarantees up to 100% eradication of insects in all life stages.With diesel fueled heaters we heat the infested rooms up to 56°C which is high enough to kill any insect in 1 hour. During heat treatment for bed bugs, adults die in 15 minutes and eggs/larvae in about 60 minutes. You may call us for a free Quote(0161-883-2954).

  • Safe temperature for the treatment – 56°C are completely safe for your property and furniture.
  • Discreet service – the thermal treatment specialist can arrive with a non-branded van for your discretion.

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