Our handyman services at The Home Services Junction includes furniture assembly, refurnishing and redecorating. This service can be used for any part of your house as well as for any kind of furniture, regardless of the brand, material or size. All parts of your items will be assembled together and situated in the room you want and in the order you desire.

Odd jobs

The Home Services Junction specializes in the odd jobs for the home, the office or for any other kind of property. Those types of tasks include various repairs and improvements which are individually required from our clients and need more specific tools, equipments along with the experienced hand of our handymen. We are always available to help you with any odd job in your home.


If you’ve decided to put some new blinds or curtains in your home or office, or simply to replace the old ones with new, The Home Services Junction can send professionals to do that for you. Our employees will come to your home and prepare the particular space for the installation by using specific tools .The fitting of custom-made blinds and curtains will be performed quickly on the spot but in case they don’t match, our handymen will adjust them to fit the measurements of your particular domestic environment.