At Home Services Junction our gardening services include a wide variety of procedures. Our gardening team can undertake landscaping, re-planting and planting borders. Gardens can require a lot of looking after so if your garden is in need of a tidy up or trees and shrubs need pruning then please give Home Services Junction a call.


Our Professional Gardening Services Include:

  • landscaping
  • lawn and plant care
  • hedge trimming
  • tree prunning
  • advice given by experienced gardeners
  • pond cleaning and general clean up

Regardless of their type, every plant should be paid enough attention to during all stages of its development. Lawn mowing, laying turf, strimming, edging, seeding, aeration are the components of the lawn and plant care procedures. As far as the landscaping service is concerned, it covers all the steps, that should be taken towards the achieving the goal of having a beautiful garden – the bushes and hedges should be precisely trimmed, the trees carefully pruned so any damages are avoided, the weeds treated with appropriate supplies that reduce and even stop their growth and development.


During the winter, the ponds and the fountains usually gather a lot of debris and their maintenance is one of the most challenging tasks so taking advantage of professional gardening services, which include lawn mowing, hedge trimming, tree pruning, is highly recommended.


The proper lawn mowing is essential for creating a nice look of any garden but it requires knowledge and precision. For excellent results, the best alternative is taking advantage of professional lawn mowing service that includes all the steps that should be taken for getting an ideally mowed lawn.

Home Junction professionals know best:

  • how often to perform lawn mowing procedure
  • how to achieve the desired height of the grass
  • when the edges around the lawn need some attention as well
  • what kind of mower to use according to the height of the grass

The frequency of the lawn mowing depends on the season – as the weather warms up weekly mowing procedures might be necessary. The best method for having a neat and healthy – looking lawn is maintaining the same height of the grass during the entire season. Bearing that in mind, adjusting the height is a really important factor. Cutting the grass too low makes it weak and leads to bare patches. Moreover, it enables the weeds development.

Another component of the neat lawn is the condition of the corners. An ideal appearance and sharp edges are achieved by the usage of half moon edging iron. Keeping the mower blade sharp at all times is also important. Besides the lawn, you should take a proper care of the other garden components as well. The best way to do that is to consider using some of our related services such as professional gardening, hedge trimming and tree pruning.